Follow Your Frog Homepage - the pursuit and celeberation of St. Patty's Day Green Frog cupcakes and pastries. Evolution of the Frog Cupcake and annual FrogFest. Profiles of Frog cupcakes and their bakery habitats. Hot Pink Topics for discussion and Frog Cupcake FAQs. Link to cafepress store to purchase Follow Your Frog logo items. All you ever wanted to know about fondant skinned, buttercream filled Frog confections!                                          

The wide-eyed pursuit and celebration of green Frog cupcakes!


Welcome to our quest!
For frogs. No, not the kind you’d guess…

These are special frogs, fabulous frogs, frogs that inspire wild and crazed obsession…

So what are these incredible frogs???

They’re pastries!
Yes, it’s true! Baked goodies capable of inspiring icing induced bliss beyond your wildest sugary dreams. A yellow cake bottom, hot pink buttercream icing guts, a bright green poured fondant skin… with googly eyes and a gaping mouth. Sitting on a cupcake paper pad. Can you imagine anything more wonderful? Of course you can’t.

So why do pastry frogs, even fabulous pastry frogs, need a website? Many reasons.

Because we need help finding them. Our quest began when the last of our childhood bakeries closed, leaving us with the horror of frog extinction. Unwilling to accept such a reality, we began our FrogQuest… to Follow Our Frog, and find a descendant of the most perfect frog we remember from childhood. To our pleasant surprise, we have found a number of cousins in our local area (where ‘local’ means ‘state with a border in common’). And they’re all wonderful in their own ways. But we dream (really, we do!) of that reunion with our childhood frog. And so the quest continues…

And now that we’ve met some of these frog cousins, we are fascinated by the anatomical variations and different habitats and their ancestry …. And so our quest develops new momentum, to Follow Other Frogs… traveling the globe if necessary!

And also to share the celebration of the Frog. If you have ever loved and lost your Frog, this site might help you Follow Your Frog and reconnect… if you are lucky enough to have a Frog in your life, this can be a place to share your bliss, and introduce him to other FrogFreaks… And if you have no idea what we’re talking about, this may inspire you to experience your first Frog. The more FrogFreaks like us, the better able we are to save these amazing creatures from extinction!

So, welcome to our pad... hop around, check out the frogs we've met on our FrogQuest, learn about their Evolution, share your thoughts on important Frog issues on the Hot Pink Topics page, or check out the FAQs.

You can even buy all kinds of FrogStuff to join in the Frog Fun!

Email us with Frog sightings or feedback about our site at

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