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Important Frog Issues and FAQs

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DEBATE TOPIC #1 - How to Eat a Frog?

AnnPhibian -
There's only one right way to eat a frog. Remove the eyes first, it's the only humane thing to do. Then, flip him over and start at the bottom, eating all the cake first. Then make your way to the buttercream guts. All the while, the fondant skin is softening ever so slightly, merging as one into the pink, and leaving you with a green residue on your guilty little fingers. Then, take the paper pad, and scrape any remaining green bits off with your teeth. This is acceptable to do EVEN if your sister has carelessly tossed the paper into the trash!

Tadpole -
Head First!

ribiRta -
Eating a frog can be a messy proposition. I tend to favor a more forensic approach: use a fork and knife, and split it right down the middle. A good frog will display a screaming pink interior, with and icing tower that is at least twice the height of the cake portion of the frog. Then you eat the icing, with occasional bites of the cake to offset the killer sugar rush.

TinyTadpole -
...with your WHOLE body!

Stripey -
...they're bite-size, aren't they?

DEBATE TOPIC #2 - Frog Cryogenics - An Ethical Way to Extend Frog Life Past St. Patty's Day??

AnnPhibian -
Absolutely ethical. The Frogs feel no pain (I have NEVER heard them scream from inside my freezer). And they emerge unscathed, and come back to life rather quickly. Of course fresh Frog is the best of all, but there is really not a substantial difference in taste. And for those who are not fortunate enough to have a year round Frog source, only having Froggies once a year is just too tragic. I will say that I think best practice is to put a hold on Frog consumption for about 3 months before St. Patty's so they don't become 'ordinary'.

FrogPurist -
No, No, No! Frogs should be for St. Patty's, and St. Patty's only. Eat as much as you can then, and then just wait... a little suffering won't kill you, and then the Frog remains as special as he should be!

ribiRta -
Freezing a frog is fine, if you overbought for your frog party, or if your blood has become 50% pink icing, and you want a break for a few days. Tupperware is your friend, or even just a paper cup inside a Ziploc bag.

COMMENTARY #1 - Describe your Frog Experience

Scott -
They're chemically! I could never eat one because they must be filled with chemicals to make that hot pink and bright green color.

Scott, you're nuts. It's FOOD COLORING. I've seen you eat ringdings and yodels, talk about chemically!

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS          (return to top)

FAQ 1: I called a local bakery and was told they had ‘frog cupcakes’, but when I went there, they were just regular cupcakes that were decorated like frogs. How do I find the real Frogs?
ANSWER: When you call a bakery, ask specifically for ‘St Patrick’s Day Frogs’ – that might help. Saying ‘cupcake’ can confuse the issue, since these are much more than just cupcakes. Verify that the frogs have a green fondant icing. If the person on the other end of the line doesn’t know what that means, you’re just going to get a plain old green cupcake with eyes.

FAQ 2: Why are some Frog guts NOT hot pink?
ANSWER: Mother Nature has all kinds of variations, and this is one of them – so some Frogs will have white buttercream guts. We consider this an acceptable variation, and do include these Frogs in our species classification.

FAQ 3: How much do Frogs cost?
ANSWER: Of course this varies by region – and also Frog size. Tiny ones could be as little as $2, up to $4 for supersize Frogs.

FAQ 4: Can I get Frogs any time of year?
ANSWER: That depends. A few bakeries have them year round, but most have them only at St. Patrick’s Day. See ‘FrogQuest’(link) for specifics. You may be able to special order Frogs for other times of year; contact your bakery for their Frog policy. Never underestimate the power of begging and pleading.

FAQ 5: Are there more Frogs in the world besides the ones on your FrogQuest page?
ANSWER: Most certainly! That’s why we need your help – visit your local bakeries, and let us know if they have Frogs. If we can get there and sample one, we’ll add his photo and profile to our list!

FAQ 6: Why did you decide to have FrogFest? And then another FrogFest?
ANSWER: Well, to be honest, because we’re a little nuts. We LOVE Frogs so much, we just couldn’t imagine life without them when our Frog bakery closed. Crazy people obsess, and we became obsessed with finding a Frog that matched our childhood memory. As you can see, this started very young...


FAQ 7: I love Frogs too, and can eat two easily – but how do you sample SO MANY during FrogFest?
ANSWER: Even we have our Frog consumption limits (sadly, more than 2…) but, when sampling a multitude, we cut them into tiny portions, making sure to capture cake, buttercream guts and fondant with each sample for the full experience.
However the next day, still soaring from a frog sugar high, we continue frogfeasting. It's not always pretty...
...Frogs... the Day After         

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